Sex is indeed a huge part of your relationship. More sex can ignite your spark and bring you tons of feelings. This will also bring a fire set up for you to have a better and hotter relationship. As you know, orgasms are great. It’s kind of excellent when you and your partner are good in bed. A little bit tricky and naughty is just a snack pack to your partner. Somehow you hit the bull’s eye of getting intense and aggressive in sex. Yay! Here are some naughty yet creative ways on how your hand moves in sex.

Give the King Midas touch

This is known as the Golden touch, but in sex, this touch could give you a golden feeling. Touching your partner’s body sends sensual wave feeling that gives a little bit of tickling sensation. During foreplay, you can caress the body, smoothly and gently while giving a deeper kisses in the lips going down to her earlobe, next to the neck and so on. Also, you can add up an oil or lotion that will help you make orgasms.

Let you do the hand job

Keep the moaning hotter and sexier as you give your partner an awesome hand job. Lying on the bed with his hands tied and started devour him. Let him feel your touches as you reach the heated spot where you can do the hand job. While doing it, give him a seductive glances and acts that will make him cum and ask for more.

Using finger sex

Aside from sex toys, you can use your finger in making the sex even hotter. Likewise, this is somehow a foreplay act that gives you a hotter start. Fingering your partner can help you to have an out blast climax. As you reach the most peak session with your partner, you can heat up the floor by playing her clitoris using your finger until you have gotten the attention of her G-spot from there, boom!

Hand massages

This gives you a relaxing feeling while doing sex. Using massage oil, you can add up a little bit of intensity while massaging the body. Make your partner lie on bed and being on top, you can caress her body, slowly, going down to her breast and uggh, you can start massaging it slowly, this will heat up your sexual desires, until you integrate another way of making her moan and become arouse with what you are doing.

Tied up – heat up

This entails some of the most kinky act you can do while doing sex. Being so creative in such a way you can heat up the bed. It’s somehow gives you a kind of submissive style. Adding up a sex toys can help to give some intensity between you and your partner.

At some point, we can actually understand our deepest desires and some of the most embarrassing questions in the mind. Likewise, we tend to get the answer easily as we explore the sensual world and we get to know the magic it could bring to spice up the relationship. Intimately speaking, our hands can do its magical purpose to make sex hotter.